Do you know what destroys mankind?

do you know the true cause of most suffering in this world?
It is sin.
But… what is sin?
The essence of sin is SELFISHNESS.

Most suffering in this world is caused by selfishness.

I will give you some examples, how selfishness is the true cause of most suffering on the earth. Then I will give you the wonderful solution to this problem…

Selfish industrials don’t care about our planet and disturb the balance in the eco-systems. This results in all sorts of natural disasters, killing hundreds of thousands of people.

Selfish parents abuse their children, causing emotional and mental trauma, which often results in these children becoming a threat to others as well, because they are so wounded.

Selfish husbands neglect their wives, causing them to become so frustrated, they start overeating. This causes overweight which destroys their self esteem, and it puts them on an endless road of health issues. Their emotional pain can cause suffering for the children as well, who seek refuge in partying, sex, drugs and violence that in turn creates suffering in their lives and the lives of others.
Selfish wives turn their husbands away by refusing intimacy, which causes men (who struggle with their strong hormones) to seek comfort in pornography. This can destroy the relationship even more, causing adultery and divorce.
Selfish pastors use their church members for their own success in ministry. Eventually countless christians run from the church, broken by the pain they have experienced through the spiritual abuse.

Selfish food corporations poison their nations, causing millions to suffer from an endless list of illnesses, that are all directly the result of the extremely unhealthy food everybody buys at the supermarkets.

Selfish governments destroy other nations through war, inflicting unspeakable suffering to millions… And this is only one of the countless ways selfish governments can cause suffering.
Selfish film producers don’t care about the emotional or spiritual impact their movies have and simply produce films with terrible horror, inflicting traumatic fear in children and adults alike, or they show the worst kinds of violence by which they inspire others to become violent as well, or they show flirting and sex which also triggers ungodly sexual behavior in those who see the movies.

And so on. The list has no end…

The basic sin of all mankind is SELFISHNESS.

Most suffering on our planet is directly caused by the selfishness of somebody, whose acts create a long chain of suffering.
What is the solution to this horrible reality?
Is there a way out of this hell on earth, caused by the selfishness of all people? Yes, absolutely. And it’s a beautiful way out, that can turn hell into heaven on earth.
God gives us His love, to TRANSFORM us.

Did you get that?

He gives us His love to make us totally new persons. Persons who turn their back on selfishness and allow the love of God to TRANSFORM them.

It means you start caring for others.

It means you think twice about your decisions and see if your choice might harm others.

It means you begin to serve others.

It means you think of how you can make somebody else happy.

Husbands begin to spend more time with their family.

Wives allow their husbands to have intimacy with them.

Pastors serve their congregation and help them know Christ in freedom and maturity.

Food corporations being to think on the effects of their decisions.

And so on.

When we allow the love of Jesus Christ to TRULY cause a metamorphosis in our life, then we will become bright shining lights in this world.
The lost world doesn’t need more hyper-spiritual religious people. They need people who have been transformed and don’t live for themselves anymore. The only true evidence of a person who knows God, is their love for others.
let us love one another,
for love is from God;
everyone who loves
is born of God
and knows God.
The one who
does not love
does not know God,
for God is love.”
(1 John 4:7, 8)
That is the amazing solution to the problem in this world. We don’t need religious freaks, spiritual experts or intellectual theologians. We need people who truly LOVE GOD, causing them to truly LOVE PEOPLE.
I want to become such a person.
Are you with me?

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