How to Pray to God

Prayer is about friendship with God. Jesus taught us to see our connection with God as a loving father-child relationship. When we pray “Our Father”, we are engaging in a God who loves us and wants to share time with us. In any communication we talk (or write) to somebody and they talk with us. Prayer is simply this – taking time to speak to God, and to listen to Him

How to Pray
• How to write a prayer

Do you have an occasion coming up where you need to say a prayer in a church service or meeting? On the right-hand side of this page there is a short guide to what elements make for a good opening prayer, including ideas on how we might thank and adore God, request things, and conclude the prayer. This page also offers several sample prayers for opening meetings with.

• how to pray for healing

On the right-hand side of this page is a commentary on how the early disciples of Christ prayed for healing. The Acts of the Apostles records many incidents of miraclous healings, and this article explores what we might be able to learn from this as we pray for those who are sick today. The page also has links to many sample prayers for specific types of healing – such as petitions for sick children, surgery, and overcoming addictions and fears.

• how to fast and pray

The practice of fasting has a long tradition in church history. Catholic and Protestant Churches alike celebrate Lent as a period of abstinence and prayer, mirroring (in some small way) Christ’s forty days of fasting in the wilderness, prior to his public ministry. Many Christians today fast on a regular basis, and sometimes whole church communities are called to fast together for a specific reason such as an upcoming mission or outreach. This page has a guide to spiritual fasting – covering questions such as why and when we are to fast, and practical tips on this important spiritual discipline.

• how to pray for others

Praying for others is known as intercession. This page explains what intercession is and outlines the groups of people the bible encourages us to pray for. There are also several examples of intercessory prayer, with prayers for justice, healing, peace and an Episcopal intercession for the poor and neglected.

• how to pray in the spirit

Praying in the spirit is essentially about being led by God as we pray, rather than going through some kind of meaningless ritual or empty babble. This page offers a guide to the characteristics of this type of prayer, what “praying in tongues” involves, a sample of “singing in the spirit”, and a Catholic prayer to the Holy Spirit.

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