Strategic Warfare 2

Imagine how much easier life would have been if we knew exactly where we were going, exactly what we want to accomplished, and how to get there.

Unfortunately clarity is something the often eludes us.

There is no formula that you can apply that will magically help you see the future. But I can offer a few practical tips for you to try:

Journal. No surprise here. I believe that the action of transferring your thoughts to paper helps you to see things more objectively and assists in decision-making.
Think of how you would like your life to look 5, 10, 20 years from now. This vision will change over time. But at least it gives you some direction in terms of your next steps.
Speak to a coach. Yes, this is highly effective.
Take stock of your values, strengths and weaknesses. Apply them to the decision-making process.
Action brings clarity. Start somewhere. Anywhere. Get traction. Experiment. Iterate. Persevere.

At this specific point in time I can tell you exactly where I intend my life to go, and what I am working towards. It has taken me a while to get here, but I know it will change again in the future.

Clarity is a process not a once-off exercise.

What matters is knowing where you want to go (for now) and working towards that (relentlessly).

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