Resurrection Sunday message just for you by Pastor Billy 16.04.2017

Introduction :
The Gospel has Five doctrinal Truth.

1. The Birth
2. The Life
3. The Death
4. The Resurrection and
5. Ascension
If your church does not preach about this I’m afraid it’s a scam, a fly by night .

There are three classes of Christians: (read:2Cor2:10,Rev12:8-9,2 Cor11:3-4,1Tim4:1-3,John8:44 and 2 Cor 12:7-9)
The are three classes of Christians
Class One: I call, un surrendered – Deceived. These people are not Christians and are easily deceived about what’s going on in the spirit realm.
Class Two: I call Surrendered-Deceived . These group are #Christians, but are still into thinking that everything comes from God . ( Yes #PastorBilly #SBS said it publicly as I was taught in my pastoral studies and I have shared it with you now you know)
Class Three: I call, Surrendered- Undeceived . These Christians have no misplaced illusions concerning what’s going on behind the scenes. Satan and #FalseProphets , #FalsePastors, cannot hide from Them.
Think about what happened to Adam . He wanted to be like God. Who would not want to? But seeking to become God he became #Satan. #Praying to become a spiritual father at any price is a prayer God wants to answer . Just be certain that it’s God who is answering and not Satan.
It is possible for Christians to be trapped behind enemy lines.
It’s naive for Christians to think that because they are Christians they are immune from #SatanicAttacks . These deceived ones often use verses like : 1 John 4:4 Greater is he that is in me than he who is in the world to Justify their position. However , just because the #HolySpirit resides within us does not mean that we are free from delete spiritual battle. There are spiritual battles galore occurring all around us; that’s why there are so many verses in the bible warning us about demonic struggles! (read: John 17:15, 2 Timothy 2:24-26
1 Peter 5:8, 1 Timothy3:7, Ephesians 4;27
Don’t stumble blindly through an open door to the #occult world
Just because entering into the promised Land , God declared occultist activities off limits upon penalty of death . God’s instruction are recorded Deut18:10

Conclusion :
When Christ was baptized a voice was heard from the father saying this is my son whom I’m pleased . This teach us we need to test and get validation from the father before you take ever word from a Person.
Here are some ways to overcome Satan
1. Live in the present #John10_10
2. Use #James4_7 as guideline : submit to God, resist the devil.
Read:2Cor10:3-7, Rom16:20
3. The armor of God enunciated in #Eph6_10 to16 will quench any and all fiery arrows which Satab may send against us.
Finally #ApostlePaul reminds us that every demonic or spiritual attack calls for #Prayer project by which we #Pray fit Satan’s defeat and God’s victory .
Enjoy you #ressurectionsunday

Calvary Regards,


#MorutiSBSigudla #SBS


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