Bread of life Devotional thought

By Vusimusi John Sigudla

Senior Pastor

Sharon Baptist Church


24But the previous night God had appeared to Laban in a dream. “Be careful about what you say to Jacob!” he was told. Genesis 31: 24


Our God cares about what we say to other people. Your mouth was created for three main basic things on earth.

a) To praise God with all your voicethough your mouse, thanksgiving that comes from a pure and holy heart. Praising God with fear is all what we have been created for according to Ecclesiastes 12: 13[1]If going to church and witnessing about God is for certain Christians, I seriously have a problem, since the word of God says we need to fear God and keep his commandments. Fearing God and keeping his commandments is al what man has been created for. Why then should we not have enough time with our God?

Praising God is part of keeping the commandments of God since God cannot praise himself and worship himself. Verses that speaks about praise and worship God are more in the Bible than any verses you can think about. To be more precise, the Bible have 169 verses on praise and 69 verses on worship. All in all these 238 verses that praise God and worship God. Some of the praises and worship were done through gestures of which I have not brought those out such as when Mordecai. Daniel and the three Hebrew boys who refused to worship gods made by man. These are also gestures of praise and worship in the Bible by people.

Giving is also praise and worship to God. The whole Psalm 145 is the Psalm of praise.

b) To eat and Drink with our mouth.

Without the mouth, we couldn’t be able to eat and survive. Thus the mouth is created for eating and drinking food and juices that will sustain our bodies.

c) The mouth is made for speaking either Good or bad things, be careful what you say.

solving problems,

Expressing ourselves.



Asking for forgiveness

Talking to your enemies for an amicable[2] solution.

2. Hence God said to Laban ““Be careful about what you say to Jacob!”he was told. Genesis 31:24. This says to me;

Our God knows about our troubles.

Our God knows about our trouble makers.

Our God still is interested how we settle matters with our enemies.

Our God is the God of Peace

Our God doesn’t want us to leave problems unsolved, but the manner in which we solve these problems is what God is interested in.

Be careful about what you say to Jacob! With an acclamation mark. This was very serious with God and is still serious with our God how we solve differences with one another. Be careful what you say to Jacob.


Let us look back and remember how we sorted some of the problems in our lives. Was it the right way? Or the wrong way? Yes they offended us, we might have also offended them.[3]

From: John Sigudla []
Sent: 29 August 2017 02:38 PM
To: Fanyana Peter Mhlophe
Subject: Bread of life Devotional thought

Beloved in the Lord.

Be greeted in the name of the Lord.

Find attached our Bread of Life Devotional thought.

One prayer request for Sharon Baptist Church. We intent moving into our new building by the end of September. Please pray for our final touches on the building as we trust God for his financial provision of R15,000.00 for our flooring. The Lord has been gracious to us in many ways, hence we are asking you to pray more for us to be able to complete what the Lord has started and by the end of September we want to move into our new building respectively. We are indeed almost there with our project through God’s help and grace.

Be highly blessed.

John Sigudla

pastor of Sharon Baptist Church


contact Number: 082-5575271

Church Treasurer: 079-5860512 Dineo Diphikwe


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