God has positioned every church in the area for a purpose. We already saw that in every area there
are two priesthoods – a demonic one and a Godly one. God uses the church as a priesthood to stand
in the gap, and the devil has his people over this area. In your area there are two types of kingdoms.
Here the Bible believing church represents the kingdom of God and the people who are not Christians
representing the devil. The priesthood that dominates over this place is the ruler of the area. God did
not call the church to just sit and be idle. We are called for war. We are called to bring changes in the
land. We are connected and bound in this place to bring change!
In Uganda, God took us into a time of dealing with territorial spirits and we learned so many things.
The following is an account of one encounter John Mulinde had during one of those seasons:
Season of Warfare Training
We went to Nkonge in Wobulenzi in one part of Uganda, and the Lord made it clear “I have brought
you there to teach you spiritual warfare.” Nkonge is on the fringes of a heavily forested area. That is
where I learnt spiritual warfare and for the first time heard about territorial spirits – not from someone
or a book but from practical experience and combat with the kingdom of darkness. That is when I
learnt, to establish a church and have it running successfully you have to overcome the powers that
rule the territory.
I remember the first day I went to survey the village, a brother who had been pasturing a church under
one of the church bodies in Uganda, Miracle centre had about 70 people after the first crusade. They
grew to about 120. It was a church full of fire and zeal of the Holy Spirit, a lot of praise and different
activities. But the church fell in less than a year. There was no one remaining except the pastor his
wife one sister and a baby of the pastor. The first day I arrived, I talked with this man and asked him
“But pastor how can a church grow to over 100 people and in 1 year there are only four souls
He did not know what to say. That night they took me to the neighborhood where I was to stay. As I
got down on my knees and began to cry to God asking, “Please Lord tell me what was the reason the
other church failed? How could You save 120 people and then in one year all of them are back in the
world?” I spent more than an hour crying about this one thing.
Later on the pastor came and we prayed together then we slept. It was an empty room with
mattresses on the floor. I had a dream. In this dream, I saw myself walking into that area of Nkonge.
As I stepped into the village and began to look at people I put my arms behind me. Then I felt myself
being lifted off the ground. I was up in the sky. As I was in that elevated position my eyes went into the
forest. In the middle of the forest I saw a very high great mvule tree (cedar). By the mvule was an
anthill. By that anthill was another Mvule stump. Beside it were two holes, a calabash; few bark cloth
and other things. I saw a large snake coming out of one of the holes. It had three colors; very light
blue at tip, a brownish along the back and a cream colored head. It came out from one hole and went
into the other hole. Then my attention was turned away.
I heard the sound of drums and singing. When I turned to look I saw a make shift building with a
papyrus reed roof, which are famously called “kiwempe” in Uganda. There were born again people
(called “balokole” in Uganda) praising God and dancing. It was powerful. My attention was taken up
by this church.
Earlier that evening when I arrived I did not see any church building at that spot. In the dream I was
seeing a church. Then I saw the pastor. This man who was sleeping by my side, was leading the
church in the session. He would stand at the time of preaching, read from Psalms then he would
speak but what he said was not connected with what he had read. There was a lot of fun making,
people standing up to cheer him on and a lot of activity, then more dancing and singing.
As I was still watching the church I heard a sound of drums from the forest. But these drums were
different. They were like wedding drums, very heavy. In Buganda kingdom, there are very huge
drums, which are sounded during weddings and festivities. I could hear so many other instruments in
that sound. So I turned to look and there was a thick cloud of darkness in the forest. Then I heard the
people of the village who were not in the church shouting. They were saying, “They have stirred up
our place. Let us see whether they will stand. Those believers are stubborn.”
My attention was fixed again on the forest. As I watched I saw the darkness lift out of the trees and it
was like a huge car tire, black, like a black cloud or thick darkness and it was going round slowly when
I looked more closely, I saw people inside the dark cloud. Some were black, others looked light
colored, and they were all dancing to the music. The music itself was thick and heavy. They were
singing “Kiganda” songs.
Then as I watched, the cloud began to spin faster and faster, and became spread out and thin like a
saucer and people of Nkonge who were watching, the non believers were all running to their houses
and locking themselves in. They said, “They have stirred him up.” Then I saw the cloud coming
through the air. The Balokole were oblivious to the activity and were singing and dancing. Suddenly it
came and struck the church in the middle. And went through it. I saw bodies flying in the air. The top
parts flying one way and the lower going the other way. Everything was being scattered the papyrus
was going in all directions. The cloud passed through the building and people and stopped
somewhere in the air and came back and passed on low ground level. All benches were being broken
and then the cloud rose up again and went back over the forest.
Slowly it began to spin slower and settle back into the forest. I turned my eyes to see the church.
There was no church. There were broken, bodies all over. Papyrus reeds all over. I saw the pastor
stand there, with his wife and their little baby and the other sister, was laying down there. Only four
people. I came out of my dream.
Immediately, I woke the pastor up and told him what I had seen. I had not seen any church when I
came to Nkonge. I described to him where I had seen it in the dream. He said “That is where our
church was but now even the owner has chased us away.” I asked, “What was the nature of your
services?” He said, “We used to have powerful praise.” I told him “The lord showed me you used to
always read from Psalms.” He said, “I love the Psalms.” I said, “The Lord showed me you never
preached the Word you read. You only spoke what you wanted and excited the people.” He said “But
I really preached.” I said to him “Okay. What broke your church were powers of darkness and they are
in that forest.” He did not know anything about it. I did not understand it either.
I forgot about it and later on I came back to our capital city Kampala where we went ahead and
prepared for the mission. We went back to Nkonge for the church-planting mission but we had
problems because the work was so hard. We would have outreaches and get about 300 people and
just as we get ready for an altar call they begin to go away. As we continued our mission I could not
connect the dream of forest beings with the hardness in the village.
One day as we prayed one person in our outreach team saw a vision. And in the vision a man was
hiding behind an anthill. He stood and he said, “I am Nkonge I cannot be taken.” “Nkonge” in the
native language means, “tree stump.” He said, “I am Nkonge and you can never uproot me.”
We began to wonder, “Could it be that the name of this village is connected to a spirit?” So we went to
people of the village and asked them who Nkonge was. They said “Are you silly? It is this town.” We
persisted in finding out who it was. We went and asked a woman she said, “Children, what are you
looking for? Have you not seen what happened to your predecessors? Nkonge is the prince. He sits
there in that bush.” We asked her “Is he living? Can we see him?” She said “What? Are you looking
for death? Don’t cause me problems.”
We went searching and then we got some ruffians and asked them. They said, “You Christians
(balokole) if you want to see Nkonge, get chicken we will slaughter them. Then there are two holes
and there is a tree stump where he sits and judges. Whenever we go there, we bring that sacrifice.
Then it began to click! That is exactly what I had seen in the dream. We excitedly said, “Lets go there
and attack him. The ladies in our team had left to go and fetch firewood. While in the forest, they met
a snake of three colors! Not in a vision in real life. It was a very long big snake. It moved quickly,
they threw their firewood and ran away. When they reached the village shouting, “the snake has
chased us, we threw our firewood. It had three colors.” The villagers told them “You will die. Go and
take sacrifice to the stump. You have seen Nkonge with your eyes.”
The villagers told us “That is the spirit of Nkonge.” When they reached home, that night when we were
praising, things went crazy and the sisters began to fall all over the place. Different voices were
speaking from inside them. We knew they were possessed under some demonic oppression. We
began to cast out the demons. Then one sister, who had just come from her marriage ceremony, and
joined our team, she also fell down. The demons were saying, “We have always been looking for a
way to get you and never got an open door. But today Nkonge has opened for us.”
The demons kept saying through her “they told us to kill her. We have come. If you come for her you
will cry.” There we were with four sisters screaming all over the place making all sorts of curses and
demonic words. Then after one spirit left one girl, it came back and said “Nkonge said I have to go
with someone.” We had to pray hard.
After a while we said, “Let us stop attacking these demons, let us attack Nkonge – the prince of these
demons”. We directed our prayers to the forest. We called that Nkonge spirit by name and we began
to attack it. Eventually we got deliverance of all these sisters. Soon the Lord led us to the priest who
was servicing the altar of Nkonge, his name was Asumani. He came to the Lord.
If we sleep as a church, the other priests of the devil may be sacrificing to that spirit. The name of an
area takes the name of the ruling spirit. That spirit rules there by permission with human agents who
give it legal ground through various wicked practices and sacrifices e.g. witchcraft, abortion, murder
and the like.
In Daniel 10:12-13, an angel visited him after waiting 21 days to get an answer from God. The angel
began to speak to him and in that conversation, reveals to us something in the spiritual realm that is
very interesting. The principality that had detained him had the same name as the ruling kingdom of
the time. The angel went further to inform him of the coming principality; and when we look at history,
indeed the next ruling kingdom was the Greeks. When you check the history of a place, you find there
is a connection with the spirit over that place so go back and find out how does it come about? What
keeps it ruling in your area?
The earth was created for human habitation. Spirit beings of any kind are not allowed to inhabit earth
at any time, except by invitation. A spirit cannot rule over a place unless it has a covenant with the
people of that place. When we pray for any place, the first thing to deal with is repentance; because of
those who first came and appeased the demon spirit. In that, we are purging the land and cleaning the
place. By repentance we are removing the legal ground from which the devil was working, so that
when we come into spiritual warfare and send demons away they will not come back because spiritual
covenants are broken.
In my country whenever they are building a new house, after building the foundation, they slaughter
chicken, sheep or goats. Do you know what you are doing? It is not just sacrifice for the house but
sacrificing to the demon god over that area. Sometimes if they are opening up factories, they take
human sacrifice. They are strengthening covenants with the demon god above. If the church is silent,
because we all want to be in the four walls we call church, praying for our problems, our church, our
lives – we are defeated. After the demon gods scheme over this place and strengthen their
strongholds, slowly they will creep into the church and take your people, one by one. That is why
churches don’t grow in certain places because they are not contending with the demon gods ruling
over the place. If they grow at all it is because they allow permissive unbiblical influences. The demon
gods are not content to do it outside the church but he wants a say inside the church. When inside he
will want to have a say in the affairs of the church; and today we see abominable practices that are
clearly unbiblical being practiced in the church of Christ!
Brothers and sisters, you are the priests to stand in the gap on the side of the kingdom of God. God
saw that there is darkness in your community, so He said, “let Me take someone who will be light
there so that when light comes, darkness flees. Let me equip them with all the qualities through
different experiences so that they can be able to stand in that community and bring a difference for
the glory of My name”. However, if you come and sit passively in the church or worse still, at home,
this is not a threat to the devil. If you can overcome the spirit ruling over this area, you will see many
coming to church and receiving Jesus Christ.
Satan will try to bring small fires in your life, to stop you from looking at God’s bigger vision for your
community so that you can begin to stamp out those small fires in your spiritual backyard. You will get
tempted to think of dealing with the challenges – “My work, my food, my husband etc” while satan is
doing the bigger destruction in the community. If you get a bigger vision, and eliminate his powers,
then the families in that area will be redeemed and you find this small demons that are bringing
sickness, relational problems, lack and poverty flee because the strongman is bound and cast out.
Prayer Action:
A word of caution: Remember that if you are alone you are under a limited legal authority in the
spiritual realm. You are requested to stay in repentance of the area because you can repent to any
level. However, if you want to go into spiritual warfare, you get greater level of legal authority in the
spiritual realm when you are praying in unity with even one person from other churches that are not in
your denomination, also if you pray with people from different parts of your community. UNITY IS THE
KEY. This way you can pray through into spiritual warfare over the community. Always remember to
plant and proclaim the kingdom of God in the areas of spiritual warfare, prophetically proclaiming what
you want to see God doing in the area; covering each one of you with the blood of Jesus.
Repent on behalf of the area you live in. Ask God to forgive you for the sins of those who have been
there before, the forefathers and founders of the land, repent of the covenants they made in that
place. Repent over their sacrifices, and over every demonic spirit that is behind the name of your area
(if this applies). Plead the blood of Jesus over this area and over your life and property.
We will repent over blood sacrifices that were made. The devil cannot rule over an area unless there
is a blood sacrifice. Remember that every life that has been taken in any way that is unnatural through
murder, sickness, by accident, etc is a sacrifice to the demon god over the area. Also remember that
just because many people are ignorant of spiritual activity related to these things does not make the
demon god less in the area. The demon gods capitalize on their ignorance.
We will repent over blood sacrifices made over mountains, under big trees, at stones at times these
can be at the cemetery, at the cross roads, certain houses or buildings. Repent over the abortion
clinics and places where “mercy” killings are accepted etc these may be places of covenants. We will
repent and call upon the blood of Jesus to cleanse those trees, stones, and evil spots where they may
We repent over all blood sacrifices made on the buildings in this area because we are trying to move
every legal ground that has given a landmark for the enemy to work. Maybe they sacrificed people in
factories built around. It comes by people having accidents on working site, or road accidents or other
kind of deaths. There may be some temples and mosques where they sacrifice blood of animals. We
repent of all the blood sacrifices in factories, houses, temples, mosques, and business premises,
clinics where abortions are done, and where mercy killings take place.
After we finish our repentance, we are going over into spiritual warfare. We will rebuke that spirit over
your area, break its power and hold over people around. We will call out the strong man behind the
name of your area, and rebuke him, casting him into the spiritual desert.
Cover yourself and all that you own, your area, house, family, job; everything that concerns you with
the blood of Jesus, so that when we send this spirit away he will not go and create backlash in other
areas of your life. Hide everything in your life under the name of Jesus. The Bible says in Proverbs 18
that the name of the Lord is a strong tower. The righteous run into it and are saved.
Call upon the fire from heaven to demolish all strong holds of the enemy. Uproot and pull down the
strongholds of the enemy.
Call on the kingdom of God to be established. Start to prophetically call the people of your area to turn
to God in the spirit. Call the prostitutes, the Moslems, witchdoctors, drug addicts etc. Call on the
Kingdom of God to be established. Pray that you will see that which has been established in the
spiritual manifested in the physical. Amen

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