Spiritual Warfare

We continue with spiritual warfare. These are things we have not learnt in books but through
experiences. God always wants us to be in the knowledge of the wiles and attack of the enemy. I
have always told you that you are a weak army if you don’t know the devices of the enemy. That
means that whenever he comes against you he will be overcoming. Most people have need in the
nations; but they fear talking about spiritual warfare. They say, “don’t talk about the devil”! But
don’t be scared, you have to know about it so that you are effective in your prayer.
Brothers and sisters we were created for battle. The first day I told you about scripture in Genesis
chapter 128 that even before man was created here on earth, as we saw yesterday, things start in
the spiritual, and then they are manifested in the physical. We saw Elijah start things in the
spiritual and then they were manifested in the physical.
It takes strength to subdue, rule or have dominion. In the second scripture of Genesis, “God
formed man from the dust of the earth, put in Him the breath of life and he became a living soul. It
was after man had fallen asleep that God removed the rib and made a woman. However in
Genesis 1 when God said, “let us make man” it was a proclamation in the spiritual realm that had
not been made manifest in the physical realm.
Everything we do has to be born in spirit then manifested in the physical. When we talk about
revival we have to do spiritual warfare and overcome the spirits of darkness ruling over our nation
in the spirit. Only then will the fruit of our warfare be manifested in the physical. In the future we
shall learn ground level spiritual warfare, the middle level spiritual warfare and the strategies
involved, but as intercessors and prayer people you need to know at least this introduction so that
you can begin to pray in a better direction.
You need at times to come to spiritual warfare contending against these spirits. We saw that
illustration of the village and there are different people living around there.
We said that in the sky there is a firmament that is like a blanket covering over the nations; and
the devil put it there. He strengthened it after being overcome by Jesus on the cross, because he
knew that after being overcome, if man can come in that knowledge of knowing that the devil is
defeated then he loses legal ground on earth. So he said, “let us strengthen our strategies
So there are so many armies of the devil residing over the firmament; the rulers of darkness,
spiritual wickedness, principalities, etc. As I told you, the devil has different hierarchies in his
kingdom and each level is submitted to a higher level. They have a proper type of government.
You find that, also on earth there are some lesser demons that reside here on invitation by human
agents, but they keep in communication with spiritual demon gods which rule above that area and
you find that most demons use big trees, stones, tree stumps, idols, rivers, crossroads, etc to be
their hiding places, and you find that most people who are not of God act as priests to the satanic
kingdom because if someone is not saved they are under the spiritual forces. They are forced to
help to do something that will expand the enemies’ kingdom.
The devil cannot rule over an area unless he has covenant with the people of that area. So before
we can do anything in the land we can take repentance. Repentance can go on any level. You
can repent on behalf of your life, family, tribe, clan, land you can repent on behalf of the nation,
continent, the world etc on any level. But when it comes to spiritual warfare, please put this in
your heart, there are different levels where you cannot come against the enemy. There are
different levels of authority for different hierarchies.
Then we said, if Jane (see illustration) is saved, if she received Jesus as Lord and Savior, God
brings a pillar of protection upon her life. That is what you call the presence of God. When you go
back and read different books by those who have been agents of the devil e.g. Emmanuel Eni or
Mukendi or Rebecca Brown, they can tell you that “whenever we wanted to come against the born
again Christians it was very difficult.” Emmanuel Eni says they wanted to come against a certain
pastor because he was bringing chaos in the city. Every morning at 5.00am he would pray, and
they found all their strategies are messed up; and every time they came against him, they saw a
pillar of fire around him and they stayed far. The moment and the more you come in fellowship
with God you get that pillar of protection around you.
There was a man in our country who was an agent of the enemy. He wanted to destroy a certain
girl of 17 in Holland but he said, because of the devotion of the 17-year-old girl, these agents of
the enemy would stay a distance of about 300 miles away and would plan from a distance how
they can get this girl.
When you are a prayer altar, you have a presence of God upon your life and that is the protection
upon your life, which the devil fights. These demonic agents say that when they go into the
spiritual realm they don’t see as we see, it is easy to spot a Christian in the spiritual side. The
earth is in total darkness and you find that these Christians have a light around them. Some are
like big cities with light all over. This man said they have to be far from those people. Others are
like a lantern and others are like a bulb and others like a small lamp and others are like the
candles. So depending on the light upon your life, these demons keep far or can come near.
Some Christians are like a little wink that is about to blow out.
If you have that presence of God you have the fiery passage that goes through this firmament and
it means you have open an heaven; and wherever you are you can talk to God. Wherever you
are, you can pray. You can be in your car, you can pray, in the garden you can pray because you
have an open heaven. As you are driving and when you are bathing you can talk to God
mysteries everywhere you are because of the open heaven.
That fellowship continues to keep your passage open. The bible tells us in Revelation that the
prayers of the righteous are like burning incense before the throne of God. So your prayer when
you are in right fellowship with God is like fire.
I also told you that as the prayer comes from your heart and reaches the firmament its like
bringing fire near cooking fat. This firmament has to melt away so your angel has easy time going
through the fire of prayer but these demon gods have to run away that is why I told you that the
devil can endure a sermon and anything but they cannot endure the prayers of a righteous man.
We also saw about the family; that as you pray in the family then the pillar becomes bigger
because you are many coming together; and your children also have their ministering angels. So
it is very easy for angels to come. These angels find it a privilege to come and serve you. Even
there are angels here. They are here receiving these messages. When they go back they say,
“Do you know what is happening there? We have learnt another thing about God”.
Peter says God has revealed to us mysteries, even the angels are eager to know about them
because we share the same life with God. He has many mysteries He reveals to us that the
angels don’t know. We are on a higher level than angels and the devil because the devil was just
an angel; but it is because we don’t know ourselves. The devil is a fallen angel and when we learn
about strategic spiritual warfare we will learn about him.
We looked at the illustration with John the once-saved Christian who backslid. Backsliding is not
going out of church. It means when you are not in tune with God. When your fellowship and
relationship with God is broken. We saw that maybe something hurt him and he refused to
forgive. Maybe it was business and work and his prayer life drops slowly by slowly. So there is not
much fire coming out of his heart. The devil brings back the firmament and places it over him and
you find that most of the gifts that you find witchdoctors giving to other people, had come for men
and women of God who could not keep their passages open.
Maybe a lady had asked for a car and this angel had gone to receive the message. The devil
fights so much at that time. If you ask anything of God, Satan will send demons on earth to bring
problems so that you sin or your heart is wounded so that they can close up the firmament; and
when your angel comes he finds the passage covered. Please remember, that spirits cannot
come and inhabit the earth unless they have a legal ground. The devil will not start attacking you
unless there is a foothold; maybe woundedness, unforgiveness, generational sin, words spoken
carelessly and other sin in your life. Remember Job 1? Satan asked God “how can I touch him
seeing he is hedged in on every side?” Job was a righteous man so satan could not touch him
and defile him but he used other outside influences to try and cause Job to let his guard down and
curse God or speak words that would give the devil a foothold, he attacked his body but could not
touch his spirit because Job was a righteous man.
We saw that the angel puts on exactly what you have put on in the spiritual realm i.e. your armor.
If you don’t share the gospel it means that you don’t have the shoes so you are dressed like a
soldier but awkwardly. Imagine finding an army man with gun, helmet, belt but barefoot. You will
wonder what’s wrong with him!? Or let us say you are not telling the truth. That means you don’t
have the belt and that is how your angel will be dressed. When it comes to battle, maybe you are
ever telling lies, the devil will just look at you down here, what you are putting on and he will know
what weapon to use against you.
Today, lets say you don’t have the truth. If you are a man without a belt for your trousers, people
would be tired of you because whenever you move around you have to keep holding up your
trouser because you feel insecure. It could drop off! That is the same with your angel. The devil
will fight to take the gift and if the angel has no belt he will start shooting fiery arrows and the
angel will try to avoid them with the shield. But the devil will send arrows toward him; he will be
blocking with the shield and trying to hold the trouser, trying to hold the sword and shield and also
trying to hold the gift. That is when God tells you here on earth, “please pray, fast go in spiritual
warfare,” But because of the sin in your heart or you don’t obey God, you say, “This is Saturday, I
will fast on Monday. Today it is the weekend we have to eat meat, God I will fast on Monday.” And
you fail.
It can be in the night, many people have been woken up on many occasions to pray, and you
refused. You know when you are testifying to other people you say, “something was telling me to
wake up and pray.” You don’t want to say you disobeyed the Holy Spirit. You call Him
‘something’. What can tell you to pray except the Holy Spirit? If you don’t pray, your angel is
seized, the devil takes him to captivity, they remove the gift and take it to witchdoctors and those
are the things people get from the shrines but your angel cannot remain in captivity. Other angels
mightier in war like the archangel Michael will come to rescue him and take him back to heaven.
Daniel talks about it even when the angel of God was sent and when the devil wanted to take the
messages. He says, “Michael the archangel came and helped me.” Michael comes and removes
angels from captivity. The angel goes back but the angel is very sad because he feels good when
he is serving you. And now he is doing nothing. He goes and says “Holy Spirit tell him to fast. I am
doing nothing. I want to take messages. That is my work. I am losing my ministry. I feel very bad
without my fellowship with my friend.”
Many things may be happening in your life that your passage has now got holes, the demons are
now attacking you and your protection angels are not here. They feel “this one is going through a
bad situation who will fight for him? Please tell him to pray.” And they say, “even if you have taken
that cup of tea just fast”. But we are so blinded by our religious belief and say, “I have already
eaten, how can I fast?” The Holy Spirit says, “don’t take lunch or supper”. But because of religion
we say, “I have eaten so I cannot fast. I will start the next day”. You lose the battle. Brothers and
sisters be alert!
When the angel is away, then he waits. If your are putting on the full armor and your angel is
putting on the full armor, maybe you become angry because someone has attacked you for some
reason and you have not repented, the demons will close the firmament because they are not
afraid. There is no fire. When your angel comes with the gift and finds the passage closed, the
devil will look at you and see the full armor and then he looks around, the angel will not be
They will go back and return the gift. It is good to put on the full armor of God. Always cover
yourself with the blood of Jesus. Don’t come against demon gods without covering. Put on the
blood of Jesus enter in the name of Jesus. Proverbs 1810 – the name of the Lord is a strong tower,
the righteous run into it and are saved. Before you know how to put on the armor take these two
things; cover yourself with the blood and then enter in the name of Jesus.
As you come into spiritual warfare, you have covered yourself in the blood, entered into the name
of Jesus and cover your everything with the blood of Jesus. The devil may leave you here in
church and attack your family, your job, etc if you do not cover all that has to do with you. Cover
everything securely and continue to do that even when you are not in spiritual warfare. When you
leave every morning plead the blood of Jesus over yourself, your children, touch them and cover
them. The devil can just keep quiet, but when you are not alert he will strike somewhere.
When you come into spiritual warfare, you are not coming in your strength that is why you need to
cover yourself with the blood so that you are not the one seen but that it is Jesus shown. When
you contend with the enemy you don’t say, “you devil go”. You say “in the name of Jesus Christ.”
Don’t say Jesus. There are so many Jesus’ but this is Jesus Christ, meaning “Anointed One”.
Then you have to come against the spirit. For instance you are praying about prostitution. First
cover yourself in the blood then carry out repentance and say “Father, in the name of Jesus
Christ, I come against the spirit of Prostitution. In the name Jesus, I bind it. I render it powerless. I
uproot it and I send it into the spiritual wilderness.”
Hear me now – There are so many mistakes we make in spiritual warfare that don’t chase the
enemy. When we go in our own strength and don’t cover ourselves we will be hit. It is like going
naked in the spirit. You are prey to the enemy. When you come against that spirit, many people
say, “in the name of Jesus I bind you prostitution I bind you.” You are doing more harm than
good. When you bind the spirit, it is bound in the name of Jesus Christ and it remains there. Then
after spiritual warfare you think you are successful and you say, “I have gone and done spiritual
warfare”. The other demons will come and untie it. Now the demon is angry and he can get you
when you are not alert. You cannot bind a demon.
You say, “we have prayed for our area but I see no change, I am tired of this spiritual warfare. We
have tried everything”. Maybe you have been binding them and binding them. You have to send
them somewhere. Listen to me. Many people come and say “in the name of Jesus I bind you and
render you powerless, I send you in the lake of fire.” The demons will not go because it is a lie.
The lake of fire is not there at this time and that is not its purpose.
Revelation 1920
Then the beast was captured, and with him the false prophet who worked signs in his presence,
by which he deceived those who received the mark of the beast and those who worshipped his
image. These two were cast alive into the lake of fire burning with brimstone.
So the devil has brought lies in spiritual warfare so that he can survive. When you read about the
lake of fire, it is not Satan that will be in the lake of fire. It is first the beast and the false prophet.
Those are first, Satan will go third. They will not go because it is not there now. It has a purpose.
Here is another one. “In the name of Jesus Christ I bind you, uproot you, render you powerless,
go in the bottomless pit”. And you think you have done well. You have done nothing. The
bottomless pit is not there now. The bible says in Revelation 201 “Then I saw an angel coming
down from heaven, having the key to the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand. 2he laid
hold of the dragon, the serpent of old, who is the Devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand
years; 3and he cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal on him, so that he
should deceive the nations no more till the thousand years were finished. But after these things
he must be released for a little while.”
It has its purpose that is the 1000 years where the devil will be imprisoned. So the demons won’t
go there; it is a lie. So they have survived you and they will be until after you have gone. Jesus
spoke of demons in Matthew 12, when the demons leave, we should send them into the spiritual
wilderness, and say, “I rebuke you and send you there and never return back.”
Here is another. “In the name of Jesus I come against you devil, I bind you spirit of lust, I render
you powerless, go in the ocean”. You are bringing more chaos. That is why you find many boats
drowning. The people in the islands are not saved because the church throws the demons there.
Boats of hundreds of people drown; the ships break down, because they have a mission. So be
careful where you send demons.
We have seen this working. At times we bind these demons as people are being delivered and we
send them to spiritual wilderness. And they plead “please leave us, don’t send us there.” We
know “okay, you have to go there”. Even at one time a demon begged us, “please don’t send us,
please send us to that dog.” I understood why some dogs go mad, bite people, and die. Because
people don’t want to engage in spiritual warfare until they are delivered, they just say, “Okay go to
the dog.” So be careful and send the demons to the spiritual wilderness until judgment.
There are different kinds of prayer that don’t go through the firmament;
1. A prayer from an unforgiving heart. When you don’t forgive in your heart even if you pray,
your prayers are like smoke. They cannot go through
2. Prayer of fear. When you fear and you pray. You say, “Let me pray” but you are in fear,
they cannot go through. God wants faith not fear to drive our prayer.
3. Sleepy prayers: When you pray and you are nodding and sleepy. You say things like “I
bind you Jesus”. The devil uses people mostly when they are in sleep and brings different
words in their mouth, and they blaspheme God. One day we were praying and there was
a certain brother who had gone to a night prayer somewhere. As we were praying
vigorously, crisis intercessors, he removed the shirt and put it somewhere. There were
some people who came to see how the saved people pray. They took the shirt of this
brother. He felt very bad. On another time when they were praying, this brother happened
to be in dozing. He was praying but now in sleep. Maybe because of what entered in his
heart when they took his shirt he was saying “Jesus you stole my shirt”. The brothers who
were there said, “Hey brother what are you saying?” He said, “I think I was sleeping.”
4. Routine prayers that are said without really thinking about them and meaning them.
5. Shopping list prayers: When you come to pray and write a list of 30 things to be
mentioned in 30minutes, unless the Lord has led you to just make mention of the list
of things or lay hands on a bunch of letters, you are wasting energy. When you pray,
come and pray for one thing exhaust it: it may be that you need to first repent, come into
spiritual warfare command it to leave and speak the truth of God concerning that matter
prophetically, using His Word. Some people who pray with lists say, “We have finished
things that we prayed for we have no more lists,” and that entitles them to no more
prayer. Avoid prayer shortcuts!
6. Prayer from a wandering mind, where you find that you are praying, “Jesus I love you I
give You my heart. You are gracious” but your mind is at the place of work, the business,
as you were coming home you did window shopping and you think that shoe was good, ‘I
think I can get some money and buy it’. Then you remember the pickpocket, how they
were chasing and as the boy was running he bumped at you, etc and the real you is at
the shopping centre. God will not hear.
The best battlefield for spiritual warfare is in the mind. That is why you cannot say that anyone
has ever praying through with a wondering mind. We will learn how to control our mind. That is
the best device the devil uses. He brings things that you passed through when you were growing
up. He says “poor you, your mother mistreated you, that step mother whenever there was left
over food she gave her children; you slept outside your father’s house at one time.” And you feel
anger rising. And you say “yes, pastor pray for me, I don’t know what is happening to me.
Whenever I start to pray, I find that I cannot concentrate. I don’t know how to go about it.” It is the
enemy engaging him in spiritual warfare.
When you start to pray and you keep your fellowship and relationship with God, you find that you
have the opening in the firmament. If it is the house or family altar, as I know you are going back
to your family to pray, bigger pillars are formed through the firmament. I know that this is not the
end of everything. As we go back, as people from different churches come and pray, then you find
a bigger pillar. As you do that, you are weakening the firmament that is above the city or area.
You are destroying something in the firmament. Isaiah 257
And He will destroy on this mountain, the surface of the covering cast over all people, and the veil
that is spread over all nations.
What God calls ‘the mountain’, is Mount Zion. Whenever we talk about that, God is talking about
the gathering of His people. It is like talking about the church. Isaiah is telling us, that through the
church, God is going to ‘destroy the face of the covering cast over all people and the veil that is
spread all over all nations’. The firmament we talk about is not just a legend. Another version
says, ‘on this mountain He will destroy the shroud’ that sheet that covers nations. He is talking
about the firmament. Through the church, through the people and their churches, the home and
family – as church starts at home.
When will He destroy the sheet above the people? We have learned that the spirit realm only
enters human experience at the invitation of human agents. Our mode of communication with the
spirit realm is through prayer. Therefore God will only destroy the sheet above the people if they
start to pray.
Let me show you an illustration.
Think about the firmament over your community as a sheet above your village, town or family.
That sheet has covered your area for a long time. Under it people are living in wickedness and
above it the spirits of wickedness are living. They are cutting off your fellowship and relationship
from God. As you the individual begins to become a prayer altar, after yielding your heart, you
forgive, you repent and you pray and make it a lifestyle to be righteous, then when you pray and
have that fiery pillar over your life, you make a piercing in the firmament. If you bring your family
together and begin to pray, that corporate anointing pierces the heavens even more and the hole
As the families come together in the church and are praying the holes widen even more. As the
churches come together and pray together, they move into another level of corporate anointing
and soon the hole in the firmament becomes even wider and will soon collapse as the prayer net
moves on and on.
What does God say about the unity of brethren in Psalm 133? He commands a blessing there
even life forever more. With a torn firmament over the area, the Holy Spirit has free passage and
revival breaks out among the people. It happened in the Herbides, it happened in Wales and in all
of the greatest revival-hit places. One person began to pray and another and another and soon
prayer was all over the area. (Ref. Transformations 2 Video)
When you go back to your family, maybe you are 4 people, and you pray, that means that 4
openings will break and, as you go on praying, you are weakening the firmament, when you come
together in many families as a church you are dong something in your firmament and it tears and
one day it will come apart. That is what the scripture in Isaiah 25 is saying. When we go up the
mountain it means we are seeking God. He will destroy the covering that is above all people. He
will destroy the veil or sheet covering all nations.
As we finish this lesson, the things we have been sharing are powerful. At first you may not see
things happening, but slowly by slowly there is something happening. Start anywhere you like.
Maybe you need to repent about your thoughts, or for the sleepy prayers, for unforgiveness. Call
on the name of the Lord.
What do we mean that the mind is the devil’s greatest battlefield? We shall be looking at this in
the next teaching.

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