how to pray

Matthew 6:7-15
In Matthew 6:7, Jesus cautioned against meaningless repetition when talking to the Father. Just two verses
later, He left a pattern to help us pray. However, in using this passage, which is known as the Lord’s Prayer,
we’re often guilty of the very thing Jesus warned against: Instead of thoughtfully praying each line, we run
through the words mindlessly. But if we take time to carefully examine Christ’s words, we’ll find the pattern
that can transform our prayer life.
• ADORATION OF THE FATHER (Matt. 6:9). God the Father is the focus of all our prayers.
We should never forget what a privilege it is to bend our knees on earth and reach almighty God
in heaven.
• SUBMISSION TO HIS WILL (Matt. 6:10). Prayer should reflect a desire to align ourselves with
God’s goals and purposes, not to get Him to follow our plans.
• PETITION GOD FOR OUR NEEDS (Matt. 6:11). We are dependent upon the Lord, and He wants
us to come to Him with our requests.
• CONFESSION OF SINS (Matt. 6:12). When we repent and forgive others, we maintain fellowship
with God. But if we hold grudges, that fellowship is broken. God loves to answer our prayers when
the lines of communication are not disrupted.
• DELIVERANCE FROM EVIL (Matt. 6:13). Our enemy is too strong for us, but Christ has already
won the victory over him.
Jesus ended the prayer where He began—with praise to the Father for His kingdom, power, and glory
(Matt. 6:13). Next time you say this prayer, concentrate on each verse. Then, following this pattern will result
in a more dynamic and effective prayer life because it will be God-centered.

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