Put Prayer First

Prayer is one of the most important activities in our lives because we’re actually talking to the sovereign God
of the universe. He understands how we feel, knows what we think, and has the power to intervene in every
area of life. Our quiet time with God empowers us to face the challenges of each day. When we make prayer
a priority, we reap a whole host of benefits like comfort, guidance, and confidence. But an intimate and
effective prayer life never happens accidentally; we must intentionally take the following steps.
• SCHEDULE A TIME. It can be difficult to focus on prayer when the demands of life are knocking
at your door. You may have to rise early in the morning before anyone else is awake, or stay up late
at night after everyone else has fallen asleep, to have some quiet time with your heavenly Father.
• BELIEVE THE LORD HEARS OUR PRAYERS. We can be confident that God listens to us
because He never turns a deaf ear to one of His praying children. It has nothing to do with whether
we feel worthy or not. We are all invited to come boldly before His throne of grace

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