2 Samuel chapter 2

  1. Introduction

As I was reading in my devotion this chapter of second Samuel after the death of Saul, I was greatly disturbed by the shift of concentration from the main enemy of the Israelites to themselves as they fought each other because of the throne. That troubled me hence this devotion to you. Read the entire 2 Samuel Chapter 2 in order to understand my serious concern in this regard.

The most dangerous war is when a family fights each other just like in the case of the death of Saul the first King of Israel. David was not readily accepted as the next king of Israel. Joab the senior war veteran had in mind to have Saul’s son to the throne knowing that he will still be in charge and control the boy. Thus he stood on the side of Saul though dead and that caused lot of uneasiness in the entire nation of Israel. it was no longer Israel fighting the enemies but a group of Saul followers, “disciples” and the followers of David who were all Israelites fighting each other for the sake of the empty throne which God has already filled with David. Since the anointing was done privately, that was not easily swallowed hence the faction amongst the same nation of Israel.

Self-appointment is very dangerous since it stops or delay the move of God and progress of a nation as it was the case with Israel.

What is the danger of this scenario?

  • Lack of trust to one another.
  • Delay of progress no matter how much strategies had been made.
  • Suspicious movements always.
  • No openness called transparency whatsoever.
  • Gossiping of all kinds.
  • Division of a nation
  • Lack of genuine prayers.
  • Shattered dreams and loss of many lives.
  • War beyond control.
  • Blaming each other will be the order of the day.
  • Dysfunctionality that will overshadow the lives of the nation.
  • System shut down.
  1. May we avoid such situation in our local churches!
  • Let there be the fear of the Lord always in the house of the Lord.
  • Allow the Spirit of God to move through everyone as assigned.
  • Respect the present God elected leadership.
  • Prayer should be the highest task of engagement in the church.
  • Love should take over the whole situation and hatred will automatically disappear.
  1. What will the outcome be if we observe the above?
  • God’s work and move will then prevail in the midst of all believers.
  • We will enjoy the presence of God in our midst.
  • Miracles of healing and joy will flood the lives of many.
  • Unity of believers or disciples will be the order of the day.
  • We will be able as a church to carry out the Great Commission happily.
  • God will be glorified in our lives.
  • Many souls will be won for Christ.
  • And finally, Jesus second coming will take place.

May God help us to do what he has called us to do and nothing else of our own selfish ambition that is taking us nowhere.

May his love and his presence be in our midst to guide us to love one another genuinely!!!


Warmest regards


John Sigudla




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