Light Your World

One night a big storm rolled through and our power went out. Total darkness surrounded us unexpectedly. We waited a few minutes to see if it was short lived or not and then we lit all the candles we have strategically (and because I think they’re pretty) placed throughout our home. Then we did two things: we thanked God for the rain that we so desperately need and we kicked back while the storm passed. While I was kicked back I began thinking about darkness. In the Bible darkness usually represents evil, sin, or the absence of God. Just like last night, sometimes darkness surrounds us because the power is out. Sometimes it is because we live in a world where darkness is present and trying to overcome the light. As Christians it is our duty and privilege to bring light into the darkness. So, when we are faced with darkness, we do not let the darkness define us or our circumstances. We hold the key, or should I say the candle, to light the darkness. We have to decide whether our candle remains just a piece of wax or if it is lit and will overcome the darkness. To light that candle we call upon the name of Jesus. We do not fear, because time and again in Scripture He tells us not to be afraid. We garner our courage and strength from the Holy Spirit to do whatever is necessary to face that darkness. Your light, the light of Jesus Christ that lives in you, will overcome any darkness you may face if you call upon His holy name. That’s a guarantee. After all, Jesus (remember He lives in you) overcame the darkness of death. Now because you have conquered darkness once doesn’t mean the darkness is gone from this earth never to return. But it means that each time you face darkness, you become that much stronger and encouraged that you do not face the darkness alone—ever. John 1:5 reads, “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it.” Jesus is that light; Jesus lives in you; you carry the light wherever you go; therefore, wherever you are, darkness will not prevail. My beloved, go light your world!

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