Shiloh Baptist Church building

Beloved in the Lord.


Greetings in Jesus name.

Your prayers are hereby being greatly appreciated. Until thus far we say Ebenezer. He has been so good to us. started the entire building without enough cash in our Fellowship Coffers, Shiloh Baptist Church. We had to sell winter water bottles that can be recharged to people as fund raising for the building. We bought these winter hot bottles that are rechargeable from Johannesburg and started selling them to our community. The miracle of the Father happened that these water skin bottles were sold like hot cakes and we so ourselves being able to carry the work of this building forward. We are still selling them as they are re-usable for next Winter season, they are also massaging people against RAMATIKI join problems because of having worked in cold areas and used cold water in the past.


Would you please continue to pray for us for the completion of this project. We are almost 80% near completion. You can contact the Treasurer for any financial assistance @ 0609888083 being Mrs. Thukgwi Lovedalia and she will be glad to assist you with the bank details of the Church for the building. We need at least R25,000.00 to complete the remaining work respectively.


Thanks for your help in anticipation.


Be forever blessed.


John Sigudla

Senior Pastor






Originally published on Pastor John Sigudla’s site

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