@sekgobelalebo at South Africa State theatre @sastatetheatre Mzansifela festival went well


ne of the concerts that I have attended this year 2018 is was tonight 08th December 2018 by Minister Lebo Sekgobela at South Africa State theatre Mzansi fela festival. Where Lebo and her team that worship Christ by their anointed voices. These young men and women were also known for their performances all over South African,I thank the Lord for such souls dedicated their lives to preach by praising God. Most of their songs are from the new Lebo Sekgobela Dvd Umusa. The lion of Judah hit Minister Lebo gave it to kids as one of the elder fan did mention she was taught the song by her child. The fans gave a lot of money as offering on stage but minister Lebo gave it to all the kids who got exposure and sang for the crowd as their payment to encourage them. Granny where also amongst the crowd.

– the concert went over time limit by an hour as fans requested songs and Lebo sung them without being tired.



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Billy Sigudla

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One thought on “@sekgobelalebo at South Africa State theatre @sastatetheatre Mzansifela festival went well

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