5 Ways To Be Sure You Keep Your New Year Resolutions

With the New Year’s arrival for many of us it means that it’s time to start planning our New Year’s resolutions. Every year according to the University of Scranton 45% of Americans make New Years resolutions, but only a small fraction of those are kept.

Here are several ways to actually increase the chances of achieving your New Year resolutions.

1. Keep The List Short
By setting only a couple goals it helps us maintain focus and increases the chances of getting them done.

2. Write Them Down
Research has shown time, and time again, there is a huge percentage difference when one takes the time to put pen to paper, and write them down.

3. Make A Plan
Have you ever heard the quote “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” Don’t let your goals be wishes. By actually planning and setting time lines your wishes just might come true.

4. Don’t Tell Anyone
There is new research that shows that if a person tells others about their goals, they are less likely to achieve them. This is a bit counter intuitive, but apparently by talking about your goals it effects your doing them, and you are therefore less likely to actually get them done.

5. Lower The Bar
This is my personal favorite way of achieving New Year resolutions. Make them ridiculously easy! The video below will give you a good idea how this can be done 🙂

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