Overcome Evil With Good

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.” – Romans 12:21

Only in the Holy Bible are people commanded to love and bless their enemies (Matthew 5:44). It orders us to turn the left cheek when someone slaps our right one. We are to give our cloak if anyone wants to sue us and take our coat (Matthew 5:39-41). Don’t repay abuse for abuse but repay it with a blessing (1 Peter 3:9 & Romans 12:17). If your enemy is hungry, feed them and give them drinks when they’re thirsty (Romans 12:20). I have a colleague at work who is a strong guy. During our training, many of us were exhausted, but he was still clowning around which would’ve provoked tactical officers into punishing us trainees. I scolded him; we got into an argument and almost came to blows. We had never spoken to each other again since that time. One time, on his way home from duty, he had a flat tire. The automotive shop wouldn’t repair his tire because he had no money to pay the fee. Without soliciting his consent, I paid the repairman directly the exact amount. That gesture fixed any tension or animosity between us and to this day, we’re good friends. Indeed, to overcome evil with the same is disastrous, but overcoming evil with goodness brings lasting peace and joy.


Heavenly Father, forgive us if we repay other’s evil with evil and not with goodness and blessing. Lord, we know this is wrong and help us to make it right. Please give us a forgiving spirit, as well as the strength, wisdom, and understanding to do the right thing always. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen

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