The Lord is My Shield

But you, O Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, and the one who lifts up my head. – Psalm 3:3

Sometimes, my life becomes too tough and I start thinking that there is no more strength left in me to fight. I feel vulnerable and helpless, exposed to my enemies and conquered by my fears. My weaknesses overwhelm me and I feel defeated. I lack courage and strength. But then I remember that no matter what life’s circumstances are, I have God on my side! The Bible says we are truly protected by God. If He is with us, who can be against us? Who can defeat us? That belief is something that fills me with strength and courage. No matter how weak I am now, He is my strength and He lifts my head up. He is the reason why we should all walk courageously through life with our head held high and with a smile on our face.

Dear Lord, please help us to have faith in You and Your divine protection. Be our shield. Help us lift up our heads high in spite of all our weaknesses and troubles. You are our strength and our life. Thank You, Lord. Amen.

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