#Masters, treat your slaves justly and fairly, for you know that you also have a Master in heaven” Colossians 4:1

It’s sad to hear news about employees, servants, helpers, and workers who have been abused by those in positions of authority. Some were not treated properly; they have lots of work, they eat only once every day, and they have a meager salary. Apostle Paul reminds us that once you have become a Christian, you should start treating people fairly and justly especially those who are under your supervision or employment. The reason of Apostle Paul stresses this is because you also have a Master in heaven. It implies that even though you are the boss or the head of a particular job, there is someone greater than you and that is the Lord Jesus Christ. You are under His authority, and therefore your actions must be patterned from the principles He is teaching. Your authority over other people is not a freedom to do anything you want to them, but it is your responsibility as a Christian to take good care of them and to treat them with respect. Our lives should reflect the Leadership of Christ towards others.

Today’s Prayer
Lord, thank you for showing me the kind of person that I should strive to be to those who are under my headship. Help me Lord to be more and more like you each day in the way I treat my employees, subordinates or servants at home. Amen.

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