Review of Bishop Benjamin Dube’s part on the 02th April 2021 in Telkom One Easter Gospel Concerts directed by Ngcubeko Mbatha

Christian Posts by Billy Sigudla

44 min and 32 seconds section of Bishop Benjamin Dube’s performance in the 3 days concert which

Bishop Benjamin Dube maintains his anointed worship style which I believe is inspired by the Holy spirit as the Bishop Dube yielded to the holy spirit and the Holy Spirit took over . I notice the key changed from the one he rehersd with his team as the band tuned into the new key the Holy Spirit choose and the team followed as he was Ministering to the audiences.

Bishop Benjamin Dube

Bishop Benjamin Dube was Ministering to the online audiences due to the COVID-19 regulations which limit numbers allowed to gather for a concert in South Africa.

Consequently the viewers use a platform provided by Telkom One. The audience needed to pay R20 to can access this platform to which it allows access from 02 April 2021 to 07 April 2021.


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