COVID-19 vaccine rollout: Over 60 year old category

The national COVID-19 vaccine rollout plan will soon move to Phase 2 which aims to vaccinate those at the highest risk for severe COVID-19 infection. People over the age of 60 will be vaccinated in Phase 2A which is expected to start in May 2021 and run until the end of July. Even if you have already had COVID-19, it is advisable to get a vaccine.
Registration for the vaccine
The Minister of Health, Dr Mkhize officially launched the Covid-19 Vaccination Electronic Vaccination Data System (EVDS) which is available to the general public. At this stage all citizens aged 60 years and above are invited to register for vaccination on the following link:
Registering on the EVDS will allow the vaccination team to communicate with you and schedule vaccinations to be administered at a place and date that is convenient for you.
Vaccination will take place at specified centres
Vaccinations will take place at identified GP facilities, pharmacy clinics, travel clinics, nursing homes and frail care centres. The registration process will guide you to the vaccination centre nearest to you.

The COVID-19 vaccine will be covered as a Prescribed Minimum Benefit. This means that it will not impact your other benefits. The government has recently announced a pause in the use of the Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccine. We are monitoring the changes as they progress and will keep you updated as new information is made available.
of any medical aid you arre subscribed to. 
You should leave at least 14 days between your flu vaccine and COVID-19 vaccine
Flu season has begun and it is advised that everyone over the age of 60 be vaccinated as soon as possible. Please ensure you leave at least 14 days between getting the flu vaccine and the COVID-19 vaccine to prevent side-effects and ensure that the vaccines are optimised.
At present all medical schemes need to procure the COVID-19 vaccine through the Government and private procurement is not allowed at this stage.

We will keep you updated as things develop. In the interim, please continue to practice social distancing, wash your hands regularly and continue to wear a face mask.
Kind regards

Billy Sigudla

Executive Editor

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