5 ways You might just be sabotaging weight loss plans

Have you been trying to lose some kilos but can’t seem to have any progress?

You might just be sabotaging your weight-loss plans/resolutions unconsciously!

Here are 5 ways you might be doing so:

Overcompensating for the burned calories

People tend to eat more when they exercise because increased activity makes them hungrier or they feel entitled to a rewards after a tough workout.

It takes only minutes to eat back the calories burned on a 30-minute run.
Before your workout, prepare a post-workout snack – maybe fat-free yogurt and a piece of fruit, or rice cakes with peanut butter to avoid over-eating or having junk food.

And find ways to make your calorie burn fun. If you dread it, you’re not going to do it.

Going overboard with the energy bars

Energy bars are designed to refuel the body during workouts that last longer than 60 minutes. They are usually high in calories that can range from 350-500 calories, but people don’t see them as actual food, therefore they will usually grab an actual meal after the workout.

Use your calorie intake wisely and opt for natural foods instead. Focus on fruits, vegetables and grains for carbs; poultry, fish and lean red meat for protein; and nuts and avocados for fats.

When eating and exercise habits don’t work

Your diet and exercise must complement each other. It’s impossible to sustain a diet that makes you consume 800 calories in a day with an intense workout session.

Exercising with no energy will make you hate it and eventually discouraged you from doing it again. Instead, pick a workout routine or sports goal and assess how the diet you want to implement could complement your exercise energy needs. You may wish to meet with a Dietitian to customize an eating plan that will complement your lifestyle.

Adopting diets off the shelf

Wee see many celebrities go on these diets and think to ourselves that it could work for us. However, these diets are only effective on the short-term basis. They’re usually hard to follow and you’ll eventually gain the weight back.

If a diet requires consuming specialty foods that drain your wallet or make you feel chronically deprived, it isn’t likely to last. Adopt an eating plan you can afford and enjoy.

It is important to have a healthy relationship with food instead of a fear-based one.

Doing too much too soon

When we start our diets we tend to get excited about counting calories. It’s not far off that we also over exercise but under eat.

It’s unsustainable in the long run as we won’t be able to managed the diet because of the excessive restriction we place on ourselves.

Baby steps are more effective. Make small dietary changes and allow our self time to adjust before making another change.

I hope this helps your weight loss journey!

Best Regards

Billy Sigudla Executive Editor

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