1. People only offer help to people who don’t need help! Hence “the rich get richer” & banks only give loans when you can prove you don’t need one.
  2. Familiarity is the mother of disrespect!
  3. People don’t change with time, but rather their character is revealed with time.
  4. Life breaks everyone and afterward only the strong are left stronger in the broken places.
  5. Much happiness is overlooked because it doesn’t cost anything. After all, people only value a price tag.
  6. In the race of life, the human race is the biggest hurdle to the human race.
  7. Standing right behind every rich employer, there is a not-so rich employee.
  8. Nobody’s ever fully satisfied till they’ve been dead a few days.
  9. Since death awaits us all, nothing can truly be taken away from us. In life, there is literally nothing to lose.
  10. Most men marry for what they can plant in the woman’s tummy; most women marry to keep that tummy full!
  11. If you’re too deep for people, they’ll think you’re a fool.
  12. Life is all in how you look at it, and most people are wired to “look at it” thru negative lenses.
  13. “Marriage” converts the womanizer into a “polygamist.”
  14. Nature imposes needs. Society sells wants.
  15. Most people trade in tomorrow’s success for today’s pleasure.
  16. The mind is a battlefield! Some folks go to sleep and wake up tired. Why?They had sleep but no rest.
  17. Everybody wants to go to heaven but nobody wants to die for the free trip!
  18. It’s not that you can’t win them all but rather you’re not supposed to win them all.
  19. Most folks can’t endure spending a few minutes alone. Yet they expect others to spend hours, or days, or even a lifetime with them.
  20. Last but not least: you might as well be yourself, dahling, because everyone else is already taken.

GOD BLESS & may all your dreams come true, dahling.

Ok back running 🏃‍♂️ but only in doors not street running oops 😬

Human nature

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