What things are just not worth the effort?

Existing trying to explain your existence. Living dying to be understood.
Trying to impress everyone. You can’t and don’t have to get along with every person. You aren’t the key to every door.
Explaining the reasons for your mental illness to those who mock at you.
Apologizing for expressing your opinions or emotions.
Trying to correct a liar when you know the truth. Maturity is when you know others are lying and you just laugh and let go.
Helping someone who doesn’t want to be helped by you.
Taking revenge from someone who mistreated you or spread rumours about you. Don’t do the same but don’t withstand the injustice.
Crying because of those who want to see you defeated.
Trying to learn many skills at a time.
Reading too many books in a month just for recreation.
Trying to change somebody else perspection and thoughts about you.
Trying to outshine everyone and competing with others.
Going to the places where your soul isn’t welcomed and your existence isn’t respected.
Maintaining relationships with toxic people who don’t want you to succeed.
Explaining your love to someone who doesn’t want to understand.

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