Leadership, sweet and short

Gal5:22-23, Acts7:35

Leadership is indeed filled with risk

It is a great and high calling but without pitfalls

People have great opportunity to be leadership and do great for the kingdom of God but dololo.

Alas most leaders of today have inbarked on a detour, hurting not only their own lives but also lives of their followers the likes of Maponga,The TB Joshua, major1 and the rest they known themselves.

Leadership is people who ought to positively influence other resulting in change in behavior and attitudes.

Like secular history the Scriptures are filled with models of good and bad leadership, from great men like Abraham, Moses, King David, Peter and Apostle Paul to the wicked kings of Israel and traitors like herod and Judas. We find of all kinds.

If the Bible was a mere book of fairy tales, It would have excluded the failures of leadership but we find brutal reality.

In Acts7:35 We find a leader who can fill the shoes

This is the same Moses whom they had rejected with words, who made you ruler and Judge.

Let me rather concentrate on this positive aspects of Leadership.

Seven Leadership qualities:

1. Long term record of effectiveness

2. Egos surrendered to Christ

3. Approachable

4. Devotion to spouse and family

5. Excellence in work

6. Reflection of Christ likeness character

7. Sharing with others

And lastly I want to close with:

The 8 key functions of the leader and the rest will cover next month.

1. Cultivating the vision

2. Creating a clear organization

3. Choosing the right team

4. Changing the culture

5. Coaching the leadership team

6. Caring for the followers

7. Curing the problem- Coming up with solutions

8. Checking progress

The end

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