Be an Encourager

So that you also may know how I am and what I am doing, Tychicus will tell you everything. He is a dear brother and a faithful minister in the Lord. I am sending him to you for this very purpose, to let you know how we are, and to encourage your hearts. – Ephesians 6:21 – 22 

Two years ago, the pastor in the Philippines was imprisoned after he and his family were in a car accident. The driver of the motorcycle who collided head-on with their vehicle died while his wife who was sitting in the passenger’s seat was injured. The pastor was detained in prison but was assured he would be released as soon as the investigation was complete. It was a distressing time for the church and the pastor. However, the assurance that he would be released and the presence of the church members visiting, supporting, and praying for him was a great encouragement. It was also a distressing time for the church of Ephesus to learn that Apostle Paul was imprisoned. That is why he sent Tychicus to tell them about their situation and to encourage them. The point is the people around us may be facing a lot of challenges and be discouraged, but they can overcome their struggles if we are there to support and pray for them. So let’s try to be like Tychicus who became an encouragement to the church

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