The Secret of Success

Psalm 25:14 says, The secret of the Lord is for those who fear Him, and He will make them know His covenant.

Everyone wants to be a success. Nobody sets out to fail. And while none of us can go back and undo the mistakes of our yesteryears, each of us has the option of becoming successful from here on out. We can either begin the journey or continue the journey of fulfilling God’s destiny for us as kingdom men and women.

God gives us the secret to living a life of success in Psalm 25:14. To know God’s covenant is to know His favor and His blessings, as God’s covenant is expressly tied to His covering. Align yourself underneath God’s relational covenantal rule in life and you will experience spiritual success.

But there is a condition to success that this secret reveals to us if you look at this verse closely enough. This condition is that you only get to know God’s covenant by fearing Him. There is a cause-and-effect scenario for achieving spiritual success. How you show honor and respect for God and His Word will directly impact your level of spiritual success. You can’t dishonor God in your decisions and expect to achieve any level of kingdom success. God has a standard, and He does not adjust that standard to the wiles of mankind or cultural norms. You can’t just take Him lightly and hope everything turns out okay.

You must take God seriously if you want to find the secret to spiritual success.

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