Whatever words that you are currently using has the biggest impact on your life than ever…

The words you use have so much power!

A person who uses words like “can’t”, “don’t”, “not able”, etc. is absolutely not a person who is moving towards success. Rather, he is more likely to be stuck, depressed, angry at the world and fed up with themselves.

And yet, what would happen if one were to just change their vocabulary? Nothing else would change right away except that person would wake up using words like: “I can do xxx”, “I am able to get xxx done today”. Do you think that, in a couple of weeks, that person would have a completely different life?

For sure.

Use words that fit into the person you want to become. Words matter. Find some good ones and stick to them. Pick and choose the ones you want to use and THROW OUT the ones that you know are harming you.

How has your vocabulary limited you? Have you been using defeatist words to describe your situation?

Remove the words “always” or “never” from your vocabulary. Use positive adjectives to describe you and your life. Use inspiring words to describe your dreams. Let your vocabulary guide your success!

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