Knowing when to be firm on your position, and knowing when to let go (the latter).

Sometimes we always want to be firm in what we think/do and not let anyone else influence our decision. Oftentimes, it could lead to unhappiness amongst people.

The golden question is, do we continue to be firm in what we do and what we stand for? A resounding yes! BUT, the thing is, as much as we stand by what we do and think, we also need to consider the broader picture and impact.

Sometimes it’s always good to remind ourselves to give a re-think on the things that we are firm on; it’s not to get you to be someone who does not stand firm in what you do, but more to also create a habitual re-thinking process that would allow you to not fall victim into becoming someone who does not consider the broad picture and impact.

No man is an island. We are social creatures, and the broad picture and impact that we make today has a consequence tomorrow and the days after.

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