Take the bite

God has a part for you to play in accomplishing what He wants to do through you.

When God did spectacular things in the Bible, He always required the people He was working through to do something first. He told Moses to hold out his rod. He told Joshua to have the priests to step into the water. Jesus told those at the tomb of Lazarus to move the stone. He told the disciples to bring what they could find to eat to feed 5,000. Throughout Scripture, God would tell a person, or a group of people, to do something that would then activate the power of His Word.

The reason a lot of men and women are not seeing God move miraculously in their lives is that God is not seeing them move in an act of faith. Just attending church does not count as an act of faith. Simply hearing the Word will never produce the supernatural intervention of God in your circumstances. Until He detects obedience and alignment to what He said, you’re pretty much on your own. God’s authority to overcome obstacles or move you forward in your dreams is activated by action, not talk.

Living as a kingdom man or woman requires you to live by actions that demonstrate your faith in God. The days of passive-Christianity are long gone. It is time to stand up for what you believe in. You do that through the choices you make.

So, take that first step—the step of faith.

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