the Storm

If you want to awaken your full potential, you have to start on a solid foundation—one based on the Word of God. That involves more than just knowing, studying or memorizing His Word. You must act on it. The power of His promises remains dormant unless activated by your faith through what you do. Your foundation determines your future.

Your foundation is the Word of God applied, not just the Word of God known. You will not see the intervention of God until He sees your obedience to His truth. God is waiting on you to take your rightful place in this world. He is waiting for you to rise to the occasion and secure your spot of significance in His kingdom made manifest on earth. But that only happens when you step out—fully, faithfully and single-mindedly—according to the direction of His will.

I’m not suggesting following God will always keep you from the storm. Sometimes His plan is to take you through the storm. And when you choose to live life by His truth, you will engage His Word and witness Him at work in the midst of the storm.

You can stand fearless in the face of the storm. You can withstand its violent force. You don’t have to capitulate to its power. Instead, you rest on the Rock of Christ in the face of its ferocity.

That’s how a kingdom man or kingdom woman lives.

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