Made for More

But what things were gain to me, these I have counted loss for Christ.
—Philippians 3:7

As believers, we should all be able to look back on our lives without regret. Sure, we make mistakes here and there. We do things we shouldn’t do. But in the big picture, we should feel confident that we’ve made the right decisions for Christ.

We never waste our lives when we’re investing them in bringing people to Jesus. We never waste our lives when we’re living them for the glory of God.

Of course, it’s fine to enjoy the things this world offers—if they’re not sinful things, that is. But God made us to know Him. That’s why none of the things in this world really will satisfy us. They might bring temporary pleasure and some fun, but it’s short-lived. That’s because we were made for another world. We were made for more.

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