NetcarePatientFeedback. Complaint against Medicross Lambton Mpumi Thanjekwayo

I hereby submit a Customer Complaint a medicross the official is Mpumi Thanjekwayo for shouting at me during covid19 screening at the reception yesterday  Friday 13 August 2021 when I told her I dont know my cell number and wanted to use my office number she shouted at me that she demands my cell phone number and continued to show rude gestures to me and point me inside and shouted go in like I was a toddler. I demand better treatment by health institutions especially I came to consult the DR during to tention since I did not sleep day before. The Dr liebenburg did assist me and gave me priscription
I however need Medicross to dismiss this rude employee of theirs as she shows racism as she assisted white couple before me with ease but when its my turn I get shouted like I am a kidS and a no body. This is very wrong for people to be entitled to treat people bad as if they are worthless when they came to the place of health to get assistance.
If this matter does not get the urgent attention I will do all in my power to get justice. I have already bereaved my attorney And he is waiting for my intrsu too proceed

Now on 10 course meducation then this receptionist at Medicross for covid19 screening I politely I known know  them my phone is off. I Suggested to offer my office number instead . she now shouts give mevyoi cell phone number . I repeat I don’t know them . she now shout over do you know where I she use the number then she points me inside rudely to another reception to collect a file to consult Dr lieboenburg calmly went next to her and informed her I will launch a complaint about her customer service shouted that’s when she shouted to me agan and said mxm she does not care . i shouted furiously

My shout back shout back was because of fustraition. I have been tested yesterday and you shall nevef see me gain at Medicross
Yah my day Medicross staff net…I will exhaust  all my options to show then when you don’t know a person you respect…

Patient number GRM0022156 with Medicross Lambton medical centre

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