How to Listen to God


Are you a good listener? It’s an essential skill in every relationship, and that includes our fellowship with God. Most of us are better at talking to Him than we are at listening. We’re quick to tell Him our needs and requests but are sometimes in such a hurry that we overlook consulting His Word to see what He has to say.

The sad truth is that many Christians would rather skip reading the Bible than skip something else in their daily routine. Yet, God’s Word is the foundation of our faith, and we need to feast on it regularly if we’re to thrive spiritually. Daily consumption of Scripture results in a transformed mind, which in turn aligns our perspective, desires, attitudes, words, and choices with the Lord’s will.

Although every verse in the Bible is inspired by God and given to us for our benefit, we won’t hear His voice unless we make His Word a priority. If we ask, He will teach us to listen and help us understand what He is saying in Scripture. Our spirit needs to be tuned to the Father, and this sensitivity develops through prayer, meditation on His Word, and a submissive heart that obeys His command

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