Lord Our Helper

My help comes from the Lord, who made heaven and earth. – Psalm 121:2

When our lives get crazy we might step up our energy and try to do more ourselves to keep things on track. At other times we shut down from being overwhelmed and find it difficult to accomplish anything because we don’t know where to begin. We might also turn to loved ones or others who have been in a similar situation for help. Whether we try to do too much by ourselves, shut down, do nothing, or turn to others for assistance, more will be accomplished if we first turn to God for His help. As this verse stresses, He is the creator of everything around us. God is in charge of all that goes on in this world, yet He cares enough to help us with any problems we are having and wants us to turn to Him first. Pray to the Triune God no matter how trivial your concerns may be and He will gladly and lovingly help you

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