open letter to my daddy and congrats of being healed and collecting doctorate in theology from an American recognized university

I can confirm that my dad Vusimusi John Sigudla is healed. I am happy  as I saw him holding his #doctorateintheology my dad is a doctor #drvusimusijohnsigudla #ReverendJohnSigudla #ReverendDoctorVusimusiJohnSigudla and I can confirm he has healed my soul. I am healed we had a serious father son talk and I will for ever grateful for God to have given me the opportunity to sit down with one of the greatest #Theologians #TheologyGuru who even beat sickness🙏 . We had nice time together catching up and reminded me of all #ChristianPrinciples I need to abide by. I got a person lecture from his heart to me. I thank God for having save my dad from dying.  I wouldn’t have got the massive valuable #BiblicalTeachings #lifecoaching like 🤧😭😢😥😓🥺😭😭😭I thank mom Elsie Sigudla for being patient with me. Guys 👦 go home and speak to your parents when you get chance  no other one can give you life advices. I know I am selfish to spoil this moment of his celebration but I just could not let this opportunity to give a testimony of this great man alive. I am proud of my dad.🤧😷😭😭😭#JesusChristIsLord and he is coming back again . I wish someone reading here will also get an opportunity to turn their life for good😔 . Just remember we are #calledtoserve . I know who holds my future.  Jesus is the true living God. I saw Jesus in my dad. I love you dad 👨 papa ❤ ke a go rata. A modimo a tswelle go godirisa. 
Kind Regards,
Billy Sigudla

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