Seek the LordPsalm 27:4-8

My life was radically influenced by the example of my daddy, a man who wholeheartedly sought the Lord. I wanted the same kind of relationship with God, and I knew the only way this would happen was if I too earnestly sought Him. All these years later, I can truthfully say that the most exciting aspect of my life is coming before the Lord in intimate fellowship. Daddy said If you want to be used by God forget the dirty things of the world and Seek the lord wholeheartedly .

This kind of relationship doesn’t happen automatically. It’s not something that can be achieved in an inspiring weekend conference, nor can it be accomplished by reading a chapter or two in the Bible and praying for 10 minutes a day. Seeking God is a lifetime pursuit.

Too many believers are satisfied by a shallow relationship with God. They’ll seek answers to prayer or relief in times of suffering but are unwilling to diligently seek Him—day by day—through His Word and prayer. Forfeiting this great blessing is a tragedy.

Seeking the Lord simply cannot be hurried. It will cost you time and energy, but the rewards of knowing Him intimately are worth any sacrifice. Are you willing to make the necessary effort?

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