First Things First Devotional

Understanding God’s Principle of First Fruits

What is the Kingdom?
Matthew 13:31-32, Mark 4:30-32, and Luke 13:18-19 liken it to a mustard seed that although small, when it is planted it blossoms into a huge tree.

Matthew 13:33 and Luke 13:21 give the illustration of leaven in a loaf of bread. If you’ve ever made bread you know that leaven (yeast) is a small ingredient compared to the flour. Yet without the leaven, the bread will never rise.

Jesus was giving examples to his disciples to help them understand Kingdom principals. Just as the seed and the leaven grow and expand, so too will our faith as we exercise it.

Hebrews 11:6 Without faith it is impossible to please God. The first fruits offering is based on faith: faith in the fact that the root governs the rest

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