Run After God With Abandon

Then Jesus told his disciples, If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.
God calls us to be uncomfortable. So many of us desire to be used by God, but then we say well, except for that, Lord. I’m reminded of the part in the Bible where some men wanted to follow Jesus, and He was like, well, come on! But one guy had to go bury his family member. Another had to go tell his loved ones goodbye. It’s like, all these guys had excuses, and we can be that way too.

We want to serve the Lord, but we also want to remain comfortable. I mean, we’ll go on a week-long mission trip to a third world country, but how many of us would sell everything and stay if God asked us to? We’d most likely come up with some reason why that wasn’t plausible and couldn’t possibly be the Lord’s will for our lives.

I’m convinced that God has so much in mind for our lives and His kingdom, but we’re too busy to hear Him or too attached to our own little comfortable world to let go and let Him lead us into the unknown.

When we can step out of our box and do something uncomfortable that God is asking us to do, He will bless the obedience. And I think it doesn’t just bless the one who steps out, but others as well.

I believe He has so much glory He can manifest through us, but we must be willing to boldly and unabashedly walk where He leads. Where God guides, His Spirit proceeds, and His majesty extends beyond what we could ever imagine.


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