God’s Kindness Is Our Example

We’re living in a time when it’s only about me. What I think. How I feel. What I want.

And if I have to harm you with my words or my actions in order to get what I want—well, too bad. We see this attitude on display in the news every day. This kind of evil has penetrated our culture, but it is not a reflection of God’s heart.

The Bible tells in Romans 2:4 that the kindness of God leads you to repentance. In other words, God holds back from giving us the kind of response we all deserve. We treat Him with disrespect and ignore His commands, but He doesn’t give up on us every time we fail. The reason? It’s because of His kindness.

Psalm 117:2 says that God’s kindness is great. And Psalm 119:76 reminds us that His kindness brings us comfort.

So, since we are the recipients of such kindness, God expects His people to be ambassadors of kindness here on the earth. He doesn’t just want you to be nice, He wants you to be kind. Kindness is more than a personality trait. It’s an action. Kindness shows itself in the way you treat others.

So, next time someone annoys you with their attitudes or words or actions, respond to them the way God responds to you—with kindness


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