Our World Wetlands Day Message

Our wetlands (water, marshes and ponds, and the edges of lakes, oceans and rivers) are disappearing at an alarming rate. We need to raise awareness of the critical importance of these areas. On World Wetlands Day, 2nd February 2022, we are calling for the preservation of wetlands because they are the most productive habitats on the planet and support high concentrations of animals, including mammals, birds, fish, and invertebrates.

Please share one of these posts, or write your own message about Wetlands on social media:

Coastal wetlands such as mangroves absorb carbon from the atmosphere up to 55 times faster than tropical rainforests. I’m taking part in #WorldWetlandsRun to ensure these areas can be protected and thrive.

Did you know that a staggering 40% of the world’s species are reliant in some way on wetlands? These marshes, ponds and river deltas need to be saved! Join me on the #WorldWetlandsRun

Happy Running! May it be an inspired one.

Mina Guli, and the #WorldWetlandsRun Team

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Instagram: www.instagram.com/minaguli

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