A run turned into a crime combating in the Camps bay after the nice fellow by the name Kenneth Lowes got his car keys stolen exactly how my bank cards where stolen five days ago as I was swimming in Campsbay Tidal pool

The storyline follows with videos embedded on My Twitter account:

I met @KennethLowes @CampsBayTidalPool #CampsBayTidalPool
@campsbay_com @campsbaytourism @Campsbay @CampsBayWatch After sharing our interests with he continued with his dues & showed him the Metal card I just received after I lost my wallet with bank cards.He lost his keys.


Luckily I saw the boys who where near his property where his keys got lost he got to the police as I looked for the boys in the @Campsbay @Campsbay Beach. I got a lead that the homeless kids where seen luking around and got bak to Kenneth who already went to @SAPoliceService

kenneth video of the whole incident at #campsbay


I informed Kenneth I managed to get a video of the boys tsotsis


Video after @SAPoliceService officers left I got only their voices as I did not want to have their faces without their consent but I then went to get video of the boys faces as they are tsosis that the SAPS in @Campsbay did tell this boys can’t be arrested as they are minors


In closing the video of @KennethLowes and the boys tsotsis with the lady who is their next of kin in their homeless shelter ,Kenneth gave the lady a reward for speaking with the Tsotsi to give back the car keys & it was a case lose but the tsotsis wanted to fight me for video


My #running stopped at 16km as I was #combatingcrime in the beach


The end


Executive Editor

Christian Posts

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