Use Your Faith

When God hears your prayers, He isn’t just listening to your words. He’s listening to your heart and your spirit. When what you say verbally doesn’t align with what you believe internally, that inner truth prevails.

Imagine you are taking a trip to Durban for a vacation. When you get to the airport, you pass through security, walk down the airport concourse and see a departure monitor, starting with Cape Town, George. Then you remember a friend of yours had gone there and really enjoyed it. So, you decide you’d like to go to George instead. Looking up the gate number, you head to that plane and wait until it is time to board the flight to George.

When they call for the passengers to board, you get in line. When it is your turn to hand your ticket to the attendant, she says, I’m sorry your ticket is for London. You cannot board this flight.

I know it is,you reply. But I want to visit Cape Town.

What you want doesn’t matter, because the only people allowed to board the flight to Cape Town are those who bought a ticket.

In prayer, God looks at your heart. He looks at what you truly believe and answers accordingly. When it comes to prayer, your ticket of faith is what really matters


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