Whistleblower Leaves Millions In SHOCK, The Biggest Secret Of The Covid-19 Vaccine Exposed.

The issues and stories surrounding the Covid-19 vaccination has indeed been a torn in the flesh of many, from countries to people and institutions. This is because as much as many are pro Vaccine, thousands on the other hand are seemingly seeing through a said facade of lies.

These lies are seen in the diverse reports by groups of people who have had adverse effects after being vaccinated. Sadly little to nothing is being done by relevant agencies, well because some say they’re getting their share of the billions coming through from the Vaccine business.

However a white lady, Patricia, had taken to her twitter page to expose that the big secrets of top Vaccine company, Pfizer, is being made public to access by the public’s. In fact they knew the horrors of the vaccine but still went ahead to hide it.

Patricia said Pfizer knew that their vaccine had almost 158,000 but then demanded approval to hide it and also get vaccine freedom to distribute it. In her words;

“Pfizer applied for FDA approval, they were aware of almost 158,000 adverse events from their vaccine and requested these documents remain sealed for 75 years.

Adverse side effects includes: Acute kidney injury, Brain stem embolism, Cardiac arrest, gastrointestinal symptoms, fatigue, brain fog and so much more.”

It turns of this will be the first time the private data of the Pfizer Vaccine company submitted to the FDA from its clinical trials in support of a COVID-19 vaccine license access.

Recall that a few months ago, a certain man has cried out that he’s now a living and moving gadget device. man who has been completely vaccinated has complained that he feels he’s been monitored by the New World Order one way or the order.

According to the video posted on brighteon.com, a certain man said since his vaccination he’s been feeling okay, but something weird keeps happening, Bluetooth devices tries to connect to him wherever he goes to.

Dozens have trooped in to question why the South African government is making it mandatory to get vaccine before getting a job or traveling out.

Others begging that people print this information more. Here are some reactions below;

“May people need to print these themselves and educate themselves.”

“you can not use the terms side effects and adverse events interchangeably.. it makes no sense.”

“Where they aware or were those adverse effects of interest?”

“Is there any thing that doesn’t have side effects?”

Source: Twitter


Pfizer vaccine side effects: New documents uncover a shocking 158,000 adverse events https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/health/1577745/Pfizer-vaccine-side-effects-adverse-effects

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