Tbo touch metro fm at 15:05 her mom opened the slot in prayerThe .Touchdown’ will mark its return on Metro FM in April 2022.

Tbo touch metro fm at 15:05 her mom opened the slot in prayer

In a statement, SABC confirmed what had already been spreading through the grapevine: Tbo Touch will make his official return to Metro FM in April 2022.

Tbo Touch returns The Touchdown to Metro FM

The Touchdown was, once upon a time, a household show on the state-owned radio channel. Tbo Touch, whose real name is Thabo Molefe, built a solid reputation as the king of the afternoon drive, with the radio show synonymous with international guests, the likes of boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, 50 Cent and other A-list celebrities.


After spending the better part of 11 years honing his craft and building a solid portfolio as one of the most-prolific urban radiocasters in South Africa, Tbo Touch bowed out of his slot and subsequently left Metro FM in 2016.

While, at the time, no official reason for Touch’s exit was communicated, the veteran host later revealed, in an interview with Drum Magazine, that he resigned due to a matter of principle.

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