Why We’re Sifted

Though Satan continues to lure us, his temptations are an opportunity to receive God’s grace and strength.

Luke 22:31-61

Jesus tells Peter that Satan has demanded permission to sift the disciples like wheat. It seems strange to think that the Enemy would have conversations with God about people on earth, but this is a reality—even Job was discussed (Job 1:6-12). Have you ever wondered if Satan discusses you? We may think we aren’t significant enough, but our true potential makes us important in the spiritual realm.

We often expect the Adversary to tempt us in our weak points—but he attacks where we are strong, too. In fact, we let down our guard because we have confidence in our strengths, and that’s when the Evil One moves in. Consider Peter: He was quick to boast of his loyalty to Jesus, and yet he failed in this very area when he denied knowing Jesus. The Enemy targets believers who understand God’s truth, because they’re his biggest threat.

Jesus compared the disciples to wheat because it was sifted through vigorous shaking that separated the chaff from the kernel. He knows Satan wants to shake our faith loose from its foundation so we’ll go our own way, away from God. Thankfully, the Lord can use this sifting process to purify our faith, positioning us to receive His grace instead.

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