He is not a wicked lover.1 John 4:18

We need have no fear of someone who loves us perfectly. His perfect love for us eliminates all dread of what He might do to us. If we are afraid, it is for fear of what He might do to us, and shows that we are not fully convinced that He really loves us.
The love the shepherd in the parable of Jesus has for his flocks compelled him to leave the 99 behind and go after the missing one. Likewise the love that Jesus Christ have for us made him to come in human form just to save you and I from the power of fear.( Heb 2:14). The love Jesus has for us surpasses the love a shepherd has for his sheep.

Fear is a tool in the hands of the devil used to detach us from the caring arms of our lover ( God) whenever we go astray. Fear present God as unapproachable thereby chasing us into the arms of the devil in disguise.

God loves us beyond measure (an everlasting love) and He wouldn’t want us to lose fellowship with him. Henceforth we should never condemn ourselves or run away from his presence whenever we go astray, instead we should acknowledge our faults, mistakes and sins and then embrace his ever open arms of love.

Action point: What you fear is not real. God’s love is real. Reject your fear and embrace God’s love.

Prayer point: Lord Jesus I acknowledge my wrongs, accept your love and reject all fears In Jesus name Amen

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