Families of Enyobeni victims still waiting for cause of death to be determined

Dr Litha Matiwane, Eastern Cape health department deputy director general for clinical services, speaks at the mass funeral for the 21 children killed in the Enyobeni tavern tragedy.
EnyobeniTavern victims where still children. Like 1st listed victim only 14 years. Very sad victims of negligence as every place of interest is supposed to insure safety of the facility. They where very young shame. As investigations will commerce the findings will be scary as the death victims. May their you souls rest in peace. They left us quickly 😢😔 💔
This will go down as the saddest tragedy in 2022. Something that could have been prevented😭😭😭

Outsourcing Parenting

Enyobeni tragedy

It’s been a while watching and listening to South Africans talking about this tragedy that took the lives of young people. The tavern owner is to blame, the government, the police?

I am saddened that we are parents that don’t want to take responsibility for our children. We blame teachers, police, the government, everyone else is at fault but us. Those children were not going out for the first time. One parent appeared on national TV saying ” I always open up for her around 2am. I became worried when it was the next day and she was not back”. Really 🤦🙆 you are worried when she doesn’t come back in the morning? You are not worried when a child goes partying at night at that age?

The tavern owner is wrong for allowing children in his establishment ✅
For selling alcohol to children ✅
The community is wrong to have let this happen, this was not the first time, it’s just that they were exposed by a tragedy ✅
The parents were negligent, what parent allows their child to go clubbing at that age ✅ if ngwana wa Gago wa go palela, o tla kgona ke Mang? Di teachers? Tavern owners? Police?


May this be a lesson to your peers to listen to their parents and stay in school. You have no business being in taverns at that age.

Tears for the tavern victims

The families of the 21 children who lost their lives at Enyobeni Tavern in Scenery Park are still waiting to learn about the cause of the death of their children from the health department.
Eastern Cape health department deputy director general for clinical services Dr Litha Matiwane said the department would ensure they engage all the affected families to provide them with information about the cause of death as soon as it was available.

Police investigate deaths at South African tavern

South African authorities are investigating the deaths of at least 22 young people found inside a popular tavern in the coastal town of East London, provincial health officials and the presidency said on Sunday (June 26).

When we arrived where they’d fallen, there were only 17 others died in hospital. One at Frere and 2 at Empolweni clinic, one who had come from home died on his way to the hospital, Matiwane said.

We don’t have information about the cause of death as that can only be determined by Dr Zondi, we are not doctors.

Ramaphosa blames those ‘making money’ by selling alcohol to those underage for tavern tragedy

The president of South Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa delivers a Eulogy at the memorial of the 21 teens who died under mysterious circumstances in a Tavern in east London. In his speech he lays blame at the feet of those who are making money off the dreams and the lives of young people of South Africa and goes on to announce…

The department can confirm that the forensic pathologist service team went to Enyobeni tavern on 26 June where they found 17 dead bodies.
Other bodies were found at Frere Hospital. Postmortems were done on the same day of the incident, he said.

Memorial service held for victims of South Africa tavern tragedy

Mourners attend a memorial service in East London, South Africa to bid farewell to 21 people, mostly teens, who died at a township tavern last month, in an incident that shocked the nation. Empty coffins were laid out for the ceremony, with families expected to bury their children later this week. The youngsters died in what survivors have described as…

Samples had to be taken to Cape Town to determine toxicology. The samples are still in Cape Town. The forensic team ruled out death as a result of a stampede.

Matiwane said the department committed to engaging with the respective families when the lab results were available.

East London nightclub tragedy: Here’s what we know so farTwenty one people were found dead at an East London nightclub over the weekend. The horrific scene unfolded in the early hours of Sunday morning with frantic messages requesting police, metro and ambulance assistance at Enyobeni Tavern in Scenery Park. #Enoybeni #Nighclubdeaths #eastlondon


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