Breakthrough this July

July is a month of Breakthrough for you! OVERFLOW IS COMING…
The enemy wants to break us down. But God wants us to break through.

I already received my  miracle,wait your turn in expectation.

From a Hebraic perspective on the Hebrew calendar, we are in The Decade of Breakthrough, this is the decade of the 5780. Hebrew is alphanumeric, so there’s no numbers in the Bible, numbers are written with letters. So in Hebrew, the letter that represents 80 is the letter pey (pe). And pey is the first letter of the word for breakthrough, and actually everything that has to do with coming out of Egypt is connected to the letter pey. Pharaoh begins with the letter pey, Passover begins with the letter pey, redemption begins with the letter pey…

It’s time to come out of Egypt.
When God comes to Moses he’s 80 years old… Are you hearing me? And He says to Moses, “go use your pei, go use your mouth, and speak to Pharaoh.And He says to him, also take off your shoes, you’re standing on holy ground.

One of the reasons why God tells Moses to take off his shoes is the word for shoes in Hebrew is also the same word as lock. Moses was locking himself out of his destiny, the taking off of the shoes was to remove any limitations… God is telling us take off your shoes, the limitations are coming off NOW!

Pey literally means mouth in Hebrew… the mouth is the key to breakthrough. There’s two levels of faith. There’s an eye faith, which was the last decade on the Hebrew calendar, 70- It was the decade of the eyes. But Pey Faith is greater than eye faith. Because when you go back to the creation account, Remember God spoke it, then He saw it. So speaking, proceeded seeing.

It’s one thing to have faith for things that you can see. It’s another thing to have faith to call for things that are not as though they were. So this is a decade where we have to make those declarations, we have to stand on the prophetic promises that God has spoken over our lives, and coming into agreement and alignment with that is the foundation for the breakthrough in this season!

In John 2, it’s the first miracle they run out of the wine at the wedding of Cana. And He tells them to fill the pots to the brim, and He does the miracle and turns the water into wine. And that picture of the turning the water into wine is a picture of God taking something like water that is very ordinary and turning it into something that is so extraordinary. And when God’s hand touches our life, we become transformed from water into wine.

That’s where the breakthrough begins in our life.
God has provision for you. How many times have you said, there’s got to be more than just living and waking up every day and going to bed and doing the same old thing, collecting the same paycheck, week after week…

There are key elements to get us to that life of overflow— the first is faith, because one of the things that we see with the miracle is that the miracle doesn’t happen until everything runs out. God doesn’t show up and do the miracle until everything runs out. Because he wants to build faith. The disciples were going to need to have faith to learn to trust God for the provision.

God is saying, you’re backed into a corner because I’m getting ready to do a miracle… an overflow miracle! Take your faith and trust to a deeper level, which is what you need if you’re going to live in the overflow. It’s one thing to get the breakthrough, it’s another thing to maintain it and to live in it as a lifestyle. If you don’t take risks for God, you’ll never accomplish anything great at a life. We celebrate success and performance. But that’s not what God celebrates

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