Sigudla’s Family in Ministry

Sigudla’s Family in Ministry
P.O. BOX 838
A call of sons and daughters in the ministry.
13July 2022
Beloved in the Lord.
Greetings in Jesus name. I have been trying by all means to avoid the urge that I have in my heart and spirit to call all of you for a special service of impartation of blessings upon your lives in December the 16th 2022 at Letlhabile our home as from 12HOO NOON.
Your mother and I and your three brothers and two sisters married to your brothers, feel honoured to invite you in advance to come to this very special gathering of sons and daughter in the ministry. It has been now over 38 years since we knew each other most of you in Thulaganyo Middle School and some in other Hebron College of Education and some in other parts of the world. You have been as dear to me, through your prayers and special attachment to us as a family in many ways. We have enjoyed your love and your care, calls and appreciations that we received from most of you.
It is time just like in the Bible that when Fathers were just about to leave this world, they would call their children and impart blessings upon them, Genesis 49 and thereafter leave this world in peace. We therefore kindly invite you to come with your family for such an impartation of blessings upon your family as we rejoice with you for the extended territories God has laid upon you and upon your family for the past 38 years and to rejoice with us as we celebrate:
a) 38 years full time fruitful ministry.
b) 40 years of marriage
c) Fruitful studies that yielded some excellent academic results and Doctorate in Ministry
I hope this message reaches you in good faith and pray about it and start preparing your selves for that special day of impartation the 16th of December 2022 in Letlhabile 284 B Boikhotso Street Letlhabile 0264
Love you and will keep on loving you.

John & Elsie Sigudla Dr.
Your dad and Mum
The family as it stand.

Mosa born in 1989

Sigudla John Rev

Siphiwe Billy born in 1985

Kenneth Sigudla born in 1983

Yvonne Sigudla Kenneth’s Wife

Kenneth & Yvonne

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