You’re either in a battle, on your way to a battle, or you just came out of one. That’s how life is. Trials and tribulations are headed your direction if they haven’t shown up already. And like the mail you get in your box marked Occupant, trouble doesn’t care who lives where you live. But it has your address.

I’ve been going through some things recently for my own transformation.

Battles like these have really challenged me to think about what it means to fight God’s way—relying on His power rather than my own.

Your victory starts with the battle. You might be saying, I’m in this mess right now,but don’t forget: the mess is the precursor to your miracle. Everybody who loves and serves God is going to go from test to testimony. That’s the way of faith. First comes the battle, then the victory. The test strengthens your faith in Him; the victory solidifies your story with Him.


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