Backed into a Corner

I called out of my distress to the LORD, and He answered me. I called for help … You heard my voice You have brought up my life from the pit I will sacrifice to You with a voice of thanksgiving.– Jonah 2:2, 6, 9 NASB

Jonah had been confident. He knew what he did and did not want to do. One thing was clear: He did not want to go to Nineveh. When God called him to go there, Jonah went in the opposite direction on a ship traveling west, away from Nineveh.

Then a storm arose, and his plans changed. In an effort to still the storm, the ship’s crew threw Jonah into the sea where a great fish swallowed him. Trapped with no way of escape, his only hope was to turn to God.

There in the deep,in the heart of the seas(v. 3), God spoke to him. When he cried out, God gave him a clearer perspective on life itself. He would no longer seek his own way, but he would obey God regardless of the cost.

UGod often needs to bring us to these points to give us perspective. He needs to back us into a corner and place us in situations in which we are forced to seek Him. Then we cry out to Him for help, realize how much we need Him, and seek His direction. Our understanding is limited, but God’s ways are best


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